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We are a locally owned and operated business and all of our products are handmade, from hand poured small batches of candles to completely handmade baby and fabric items.

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Meet The Fur Babies!

Meet the loyal companions that help our team do their best each and every day.


You can usually find Minty underneath the heat pump in various poses. One of the gentlest souls in the world but can be lazy during work hours..


One of the founding members of For A Pawpose, Elmo was always full of life and made everyone who came into contact with him happy.


Peaches is a sassy cat who adores her Mum. She follows her everywhere and is very curious and persistent. She overseas quality control here.

Featured Products

Discover the perfect companion for your favourite reads with our handcrafted book sleeves, made from premium cotton fabric and padded with a soft, cushioned layer. 

Featured Products

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